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Senior Relocation has franchisees in 41 states. It’s a Senior Relocation Specialists (SRS) and provides multiple senior moving services such as packing and downsizing, office and house removals, and real estate acquisitions. Great Experience & Quality Service

* Messaging and Office moves: This includes messenger services, office or residence relocation, and property sales, along with boxes, furniture removal and storage and administrative assistance. The Messaging and Office movers carefully pack and store your belongings, deliver them to the new home, and make any required repairs or renovations. They use professional moving boxes and packs. * House Cleansing: They clean up your old home by removing all debris, trash, and unwanted furniture until you’re ready to move in. House Cleaning Services is available for: Seniors, handicapped, and pets.

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* House Deregistration: House downsizing, also known as residential relocating or corporate relocation, is when a business decides to move some of its facilities to a new state. Seniors and those with disabilities can benefit from House Deregistration. House downsizing is one of the Senior Moving Services offered by Great Experiences. It takes care of all the things that often get forgotten during a move such as: removal of furniture, electronic equipment, computers and printers, files and paperwork, and other similar items. House downsizing benefits seniors with: home equity loans, purchasing incentives, reduced cost of living, free or reduced cost of services, and other compensation.

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* Senior Citizen Moving and Packing Companies: There are several moving and packing companies that specialize in assisting senior citizens. A lot of these companies also offer residential movers, if the senior citizen is moving between homes. Some residential moving and packing companies have their own transportation units but sometimes they may have to rent vehicles for transport. Contact Great Experiences to learn more about: move-in assistance, independent Living aids, and their professional packers and movers.

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* Senior Relocation Services: The senior population is growing each year. As a result, there are more senior relocating services. For example, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has their own national network of independent Living aids that offers the full range of independent living and other assistance services to their members. If you are a senior looking for a full service moving company to help with your retirement community or assisted living program, contact Great Experiences. They have an entire staff of experienced and knowledgeable specialists that will work with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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