Long Distance Moving

You have a ton to coordinate when moving long distance, we’ll handle the move for you.

open roadWhen you are moving from Dallas to a location outside of the state of Texas, you want to be sure that you have a reliable and trusted moving company working for you.

As an interstate mover in Dallas and Fort Worth, Mid Cities Movers participates in a dispute settlement program to resolve any possible loss incurred on a damage claim, or any type of related dispute charges. We are registered with the Texas department of transportation, which affords us the ability to handle your interstate moving needs.

Our long distance moving services will take care of handling packing and unpacking, as well as loading and unloading of your household goods. Our skilled long-distance movers and our well-established relationships with the world’s most trusted and reputable van lines guarantee your move will be a success. We pride ourselves on providing quality long distance moving services to residencies and corporations a like.

Moving Checklist

Check out this long distance moving checklist to see if you have thought about all the possibilities that could arise during a long distance move.moving boxes

  • Pack similar items together. This makes unpacking easier and keeps your move organized.
  • Wind up electrical cords to keep them from catching or dragging during the move.
  • Be sure to wrap all fragile items in paper or linens and fill all empty spaces in boxes with crumpled packing paper or newspaper.
  • Avoid overloading boxes, and place fragile items together in smaller boxes.
  • Label all your boxes clearly on the outside so you can easily find what you need later. Consider keeping a master list with the contents of each box recorded.

Reliable interstate movers are hard to come by but we are precisely that. We are positive that if you use our long distance moving services you will recommend us to all of your friends and neighbors. We have established this type of confidence based on our proven track record of successful moving jobs for customers.

Contact us today for long distance moving from Dallas / Fort Worth. Interstate movers are only a phone call away!