Apartment Moving

Whether in a high rise or in a flat with lots of stairs – we’re your recommended choice.

couple in an apartmentMany moving companies in the area will not offer moving services to you if you have an apartment. A lot of movers only want the larger moving jobs that come along with a home or a commercial moving account. That’s not how we do business at Mid Cities Movers. We know that people need a reliable apartment moving service in the area that will cater to their moving needs regardless of the size of the job. That is why we are the apartment movers in Forth Worth / Dallas to turn to! We will provide you with quality apartment moving labor at affordable rates.

Because we offer apartment moving we set ourselves apart from the competition that is not willing to offer the same moving services. We do not discriminate against people who have a smaller moving job such as an apartment or small condo. We specialize in small as well as large moving jobs.

Because we take on small moves as well as large, Mid Cities Movers is able to offer specialty moving services such as:

  • Same day service
  • Piano moving
  • Antique moving
  • and more!

These specialty moving projects often don’t require a full day’s worth of work, but we can offer them because we provide small moving services that allow us to fill our moving schedule.

Apartment Packing Tips

Many times an apartment serves as a temporary home. Perhaps you are ready to upgrade to a larger apartment, a closer location to work or even a newly purchased home. Whatever the case, packing your apartment can feel overwhelming and stressful. We would like to offer these tips to make the move easier on you:strategy box

  • Start with seasonal items: Leading up to the time you are going to move, it can be hard to wait to start on packing. Begin with seasonal items you won’t use. Then as the move gets closer keep packing items that are less important to your day to day life. Save the things you use most often for last.
  • Stay organized: It can be easy to get frustrated and start throwing random items in a box, but staying organized will make unpacking worlds easier. Keep handles, bolts and small hardware items with the items they belong with. Simply put them in a small bag and tape them to their respective item.
  • Fill empty spaces: If you have a box that isn’t completely full, make sure you fill the empty space with linens or newspaper to prevent the items inside from shifting during the move.

We are apartment movers who care about quality customer service. We are proud to offer apartment moving in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, Richardson, Plano, Irving, and beyond. No matter how small or how large your move is, we are the expert moving team to call! Feel free to contact us for more information or for assistance with packing tips for your upcoming move!