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Keller was first established in the early 1850’s. The historic Mount Gilead Baptist Church was built on July 13, 1850 and served as the only schoolhouse in the region until around 1910. The area was inviting to settlers thanks to its proximity to the Trinity River and the supply of both wood and land space. In 1859, the original Mount Gilead Baptist Church was burned in a raid by Native Americans, which were commonplace among frontier settlements of the time.

Moving Company in Keller, TXThe region was originally known by the name of “Double Spring” as an homage to the pair of large natural springs which provided the drinking water for the settlement. Located just half a mile from Mount Gilead Baptist Church, the springs made life easier for pioneers. By the 1870’s, Double Spring had become a full settlement, complete with a grist mill, cotton gin, a blacksmith
shop, and a variety of other stores. The railroad depot location was established by John C. Keller, and an artesian well was drilled within the city limits in the year 1896. The Double Springs began to fill with silt as time went on, and they were ultimately plugged up, then lost and it was assumed they wouldn’t be found again. In 1984, however, the rediscovery of the Double Springs gave rise to today’s bottling endeavor, the “Samantha Springs” company. Producing more than 200,000 gallons of water every day, Samantha Springs is a large provider of water and employment for the area.

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