Moving Services in Hurst, TX

Hurst, TX was named after “Uncle Billy” Hurst. Born William Letchworth Hurst, “Uncle Billy” agreed to having railroad tracks laid on his land to connect Dallas with Fort Worth under the condition that a stop be established with a depot, and that it be named after him. In 1903, the Rock Island Station was built. In 1909, the station and the surrounding community were given the official name of Hurst, and the town would continue to grow. At just over 9 square miles, Hurst, TX is home to the Tarrant County College and the North East Mall, which is the largest mall in all of Tarrant County, and among the largest in the entire state of Texas.

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We are proud to offer the following moving services in Hurst, TXMoving Company in Hurst, TX

  • Home and Residential
  • Apartment
  • Office
  • Commercial Building / Businesses
  • Same Day Moving
  • Long Distance
  • Local
  • Piano / Antiques
  • Storage Units

The Process

  1. The first step in the moving process is to give our team a call at (817) 267-9901 or visit our contact us page to fill out our contact form. One of our trained staff members will talk with you and help you determine the best time and date to move.
  2. After packing your belongings, it’s time for our moving team to arrive. If you have questions about how best to prepare for our arrival, please feel free to contact us. We happily provide additional services such as packing and unpacking, assembling furniture, or even shrink-wrapping!
  3. Once your belongings are packed, we will arrive at the scheduled time and safely move your belongings into your new building. Our professional movers are hard-working and dedicated to safely transporting your valuable items quickly and efficiently. We have handled moves on both a large and small scale, and we have the knowledge necessary to get your items to your new location as safely and quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for a quality moving company in Hurst, TX, please consider Mid-Cities Movers! We will be happy to talk with you about our services and find the best way we can help make your moving day as painless as possible. (817) 267-9901