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Arlington sits in a central location among the larger Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The city has a long, complex history that stretches back thousands of years to Native American tribes. Throughout the years, the city of Arlington, TX has been the site of Native American battles, a frontier outpost, a center for agriculture, and has developed renown as a prime location for racing horses and gambling. Arlington is named after the Virginia hometown of Robert E. Lee, and sits on the divide between 2 geological tiers. A vast prairie known as the Eagle Ford stretches to the southwest, providing for much of the state’s oil industry while the woodlands of the Eastern Cross Timbers stretches northward.

Throughout the years, a number of nations have claimed Arlington and its surrounding communities. Six national flags (Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, The U.S.A., and The Confederate States of America) have flown over the city throughout history, and it has been held by numerous Native American nations dating back thousands of years.

A Long HistoryMoving Company in Arlington, TX

The first European settlements appeared in the 1840’s, and Arlington in particular, originated as Bird’s Fort. Bird’s Fort would eventually be abandoned as the threat of attacks from Comanche tribes nearby proved unsettling. Bird’s Fort was the location which saw the signing of the first peace treaty between Native Americans and Europeans in 1843. During this historic event, 9 Native American tribes were present, including representatives from the Delaware, Cherokee, Biloxi, Caddo, Keechie, and Waco tribes. The Caddo tribes were dominant in the region among Native American settlements, so much so that Village Creek was named after the presence of the Caddos.

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