How to De-clutter Before a Big Move

Residential Moving

Is it Time to Get Ready for the Big Move? Here are Some Residential Moving Tips!

Moving is a serious project, one that can get stressful quickly without ample preparation. As you gear up for residential moving, it helps to kick things off with a refreshing de-cluttering. Here are some pro tips to get the you get the ball rolling!

De-clutter Before Moving Tips

As we mentioned in one of our previous blogs, it helps to start the packing process a month or two in advance of the move. Start by taking a look at your storage spaces! Here, where most families store their least-used possessions, you’ll find ample opportunity to purge unneeded belongings. Whatever doesn’t make the Craig’s List cut can be bagged up for donating to Goodwill or the Salvation Army! Make sure you keep a donation receipt for next year’s taxes.

Another area perfect for de-cluttering is the garage. Unused vacation equipment and tools tend to take up a lot of space in the moving van, so dig deep and carefully decide on what you really need! During this process, many homeowners discover they have more worn out furniture and appliances than they can handle. Thankfully, there are numerous local junk removal services to help you out, such as our friends at 1st Quality Clean Up! Think of how good you’ll feel when your new home is free from all the extra clutter. Speaking of feeling good…

Why De-cluttering is Good for You

Everyone benefits when we let go of our unused possessions. Plus, it just feels good! Every bag of belongings you purge now represents additional space you’ll enjoy in your new home. If you’re still looking to sell your current home, de-cluttering also helps potential buyers get a more accurate picture of your property’s value. Finally, purging unused belongings makes it easier to pack. So much easier! If you limit the number of trips you make on the move by donating some possessions, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Need Moving Services?

Of course, our team is always available to help you through the residential moving process! Our professional movers can help you relocate your belongings and provide additional insight on how to best pack your belongings! For more information, feel free to give us a call at (817) 267-9901!

Moving Stress and Ways To Cope

moving stressIt is no secret: Moving is a stressful experience. You have so much to deal with from boxing your possessions to getting paperwork in order for your next place. On top of that, you are saying goodbye to the place you have been living for a long time. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and wishing everything was just done with. The first thing to do is to breathe and remember that you are not alone in this feeling. There are a few things you can do to reduce the moving stress and get yourself ready and excited for your next place.

Reduce Your Moving Stress Tips

  1. Create and Follow a Checklist – Having a visual representation of the tasks you have to complete to be prepared can help you be organized and minimize the stress by allowing you to treat every checked off item as an accomplishment.
  2. Open Up Your Calendar – If you realize that you are going to be stressed, try to clear your calendar of possible issues, events, and interferences that could increase your moving stress. You can also plan days that you are going to be able to complete moving tasks.
  3. Box Up And Declutter – Take the time you are boxing up your belongings as a time to assess your possessions as well. Toss anything unneeded or that you no longer have a use for. This reduces the number of boxes, the moving stress, and helps when you go to set up your new place.
  4. Take “You” Time – It’s important to take a step away from the situation sometimes to focus on relaxing. Do something you enjoy or take a small trip so that you can enjoy some time away from the situation. You can also take the time to say goodbye to the area, your home, and friends in the area if moving far.
  5. Remember To Go With the Flow – Because there is so much to do, you may start to fixate on completing tasks immediately. This can lead to unneeded stress as you worry about self-imposed deadlines Remember that you have time to get ready and be flexible with the completion of tasks.

Remember, even though moving can be sad, you want the moving experience to be as pleasant as it can. Need assistance with your move? Mid-Cities Movers can help! Give us a call today at (817) 267-9901 for your moving needs!

More Packing Tips for Simplified Moving

Empty Boxes

Moving Day Doesn’t Have to be Complicated! Here are 5 Easy Tips for Simplifying the Big Day!

Last year, we laid out five tips for making your life easier during the big move. There are so many opportunities to simplify your moving process that we’ve made an entirely new list to help you even more. Here are five more packing tips on how to make your big move simpler.

Tip #1: Box by Category, Not Room

This packing strategy has two distinct advantages over packing by room. First of all, it helps reduce the mess and feelings of anxiety that packing by room can create. It will also help you label your boxes better. Second, labeling by category helps you learn if you have too many towels, sheets, or whatever item you’re packing. That’s very useful for your pre-move purge.

Tip #2: Stagger Your Packing Schedule

A month (or two) before the move, start packing a box or two each day. You’ll be amazed how simple the final moving process feels after you’ve packed most of your belongings in the previous weeks. Try starting with categories like extra dishes, clothing, and decorations.

Tip #3: Number Your Boxes

This one is invaluable if you plan to make multiple trips to between your new and old home. Numbering your boxes not only helps you keep an inventory of your belongings, it also ensures that none of your belongings go missing during the move.

Tip #4: Set Aside Your Essentials

In last month’s post, we talked about packing an essentials bag for during the move and your first days in the new abode. Make sure to bring along important papers, such as deeds or birth certificates, with that bag. Make copies if you deem it prudent.

Tip #5: Make a Packing Supplies List

Take inventory of your packing supplies ahead of time, so you want have to make unexpected trips to Office Depot on moving days. Be sure you have enough boxes and packing tape!

With these packing tips, your family will feel like champions come moving day! For more tips about moving, check out previous blogs or call our experts at (817) 267-9901.

How to Choose Your Packing Order

Mover and Moving Van

Save Your Essential Belongings for Last When You Pack.

Moving can be a stressful time, especially when determining what to pack first. Thankfully, our experienced crew at Mid-Cities Movers has a few words of advice to help you succeed. Here are 3 tips to help you plan your packing order.

Tip #1: Clear Out Your Storage Areas First.

You’d be amazed at what’s tucked away in your closet. Before you even call the moving company, start examining the contents of your storage areas (closets, cabinets, garage spaces). At Mid-Cities Movers, we find many people forget to clear out these spaces until later in the moving process. This causes delays, when clutter starts to interfere with family members as they go back and forth trying to pack.

Take a deep breath (or two) and see if you can purge any of these belongings. You can go to your friends, family members, church, or even Craigslist. For your garage, try to use up or give away supplies that your mover can’t transport (fertilizers, oil, flammable items, etc.). Cleaning out these areas first will make it much easier to transport belongings to your new home. Once you’ve packed the leftover stuff, you’ll be amazed at how much space you’ve saved on the moving truck.

Tip #2: Pack Rarely Used Items First.

If you can’t live without it for a day, don’t pack it first! You know that cooking appliance that you rarely use? Pack it before you box up your cell phone charger. This may be obvious, but many families put unnecessary stress on themselves when they pack daily-used items in the back of the moving truck.

Tip #3: Pack an “Essentials” Box and Keep it Close.

Last (but certainly not least), keep your essentials close to you. If you’re afraid a family member might accidentally pack them away, put them in a safe spot. Mark a box with “NOT FOR MOVERS” if you have too. You don’t want to buy replacements because your phone charger or pharmaceuticals are packed away in the moving van.

Follow these packing order tips and you’ll be sure to have a more stress-free moving experience. For more moving information and tips, talk to our experts at (817) 267-9901.

Moving With Children

When moving with a toddler or small child, there are special considerations that most first-timers miss. For instance, how will you entertain your 5-year-old in a new, empty house? How will naptime play out? When planning a move, always make sure to devise a strategy for your small child to make the transition easier not only on them but on you as well.

We Provide Moving Services so You Can Concentrate on What’s Most Important.



When moving between two houses, keep in mind that your child sees all of his or her toys, only just out of reach. They are told to keep out of the way and shuffled from home to home quickly and often, which can make a child grumpy, clingy, and fussy. It’s a good idea to keep a few of your child’s favorite toys and games in a separate bag or box that can easily fit into the car. This will provide entertainment for your child no matter where you are in the moving process. Great things to include in your playbox are:

  • Books: including story books, puzzle books, and coloring books, according to age
  • Games: Handheld electronic games work well, as do travel game versions
    Cuddlies: Some children have a special doll or stuffed animal that it’s a good idea to keep handy.
  • Craft Kits: Many crafting kits are designed for specific ages, and can provide simple, safe entertainment


It can be difficult to stay on a schedule when you’re in the moving process. This can take a toll on small children and children who are used to a strict schedule. To keep your child relaxed and going with the flow, try a few of these easy tips:

  • Sleepy Supplies: Be sure to have a small throw blanket, pillow, and if convenient a napping mat so your child can comfortably rest, whether in the car or in a home with no furniture.
  • Naptime Noise: If your child is used to background noise or a particular song to fall asleep to, try downloading it before the big day and have a pair of comfortable headphones handy to provide the relaxing sounds of home.
  • Precise Planning: Try to plan around a few minutes of quiet time for your child. This will give him or her some much needed time to wind down, and it will give you a chance to relax. Packing or unpacking, travel time, and cleaning are good, productive activities that will allow your child to rest.


Nothing is more difficult than a hungry child. Plain and simple, you must have a plan in order to keep your little one’s hunger pangs at bay. This can be as simple as prepping snacks or as involved as meal prep. However you decide to go about it, proper planning will save substantial amounts of money by eliminating last-minute ideas. Some inexpensive choices include:

  • Healthy Snacks: Create a goodie bag of a few of your child’s favorite snack including goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, or other dry goodies.
  • Cheap meals: Plan at least two meals that can be eaten on the run such as paninis, burgers, or even sandwiches.
  • Beverages: Purchase a case of water to pair with some individual juice mixes to provide a quick assortment of drinks without unhealthy soda.

Moving with a toddler or small child doesn’t have to be stressful and draining. In fact, with a little planning and creativity, moving with a toddler can be a complete success for everyone involved. When you need help moving, the Mid-Cities Movers experts can provide the services needed to keep your life in order. Call us today at (817) 267-9901.

Why Choose a Moving Company

Moving is one of the biggest stressors that a person can go through in their life and there’s a reason for that. If you’ve moved before then you know how much time, effort, and money goes into moving everything you own into an entirely different place. What if you decided you didn’t want to do it? You don’t want to be the one picking up boxes and showing them into a giant truck just to turn around and take them out of the truck again? That’s okay because we have the resources, man-power, and ability to do all the moving for you. We can even move you across the state! There are so many reasons why you should hire a moving company for your next move.

Reasons To Hire a Moving Company

Exhaustion – You already lead a very busy life, so throwing a move into the mix can be overwhelming. Many of you have children or pets, parents that live with you and hurt backs. These kinds of things can make it almost impossible to have an easy move and yet it still needs to get done. A moving company can take all the pressure off of you to move everything in your home easily while you basically just tell them where to put it all.

No Stress – Have you ever heard of a no stress move? Yeah, me either. That is why they created moving companies. They will take the stress out of the actual moving part. There is no reason you should ever have to worry about lifting boxes in and out of cars or unloading pianos, when you don’t have to.

We are here to help you with all your moving and packing needs. Give Mid-Cities Movers a call at (817) 267-9901 and let our moving team help you today!

Moving at the Beginning of the Year

Starting the year with a big move doesn’t sound fun. In fact, you may dread it. Moving is high on the list of the most stressful life events. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Moving at the beginning of the year is like moving at any other time.

Getting Started Early

Couple with Moving Boxes

We Make Moving Easy Anytime of the Year.

If you’re moving early in the year, chances are you started packing during the holidays. Yes, it’s less fun having to pack boxes while you’re wrapping presents. However, when you start early, you don’t have to spend as much time packing all at once. If you didn’t decide to move until after the holidays, you might find that it’s an even better time. With the holidays over, you can focus more on the details of moving, and less on buying presents, travel, and the extra time spend with others.

No matter what time of the year you move, it is always best to give yourself as much time as possible. The more time you have, the less the details of moving will stress you out. This is true as long as you take full advantage of the extra time. Count the days until you move, then estimate the number of boxes you will need when you move. Divide the number of boxes by the number of days, and you have a nice packing schedule. Depending upon how many days and boxes you have, you might not need to pack any more than one box per day, or less.

The Right Movers

You also have more time to set the money aside that you need for moving expenses. You can book your movers well in advance so that you can get the exact day and time you need and want. Whether you have plenty of time, or you’re pressed for time, the quality of your moving services should be high on your priority list.

So, call Mid-Cities Movers. We understand the details and stresses of moving at any time of the year. If you’re feeling pressured by moving at the beginning of the year, call us at (817) 267-9901 and we’ll get you through moving in Euless, TX and the DFW area.

Tips for Piano Moving

Piano Keys About to Be Wrapped for Piano Moving

Piano Moving Requires Great Care and Experience.

There are probably several big pieces of furniture in your home, but none of them are as delicate as the piano. When you get ready to move, it is important to take extra care when moving the piano. Piano moving should be done by a professional moving company that has experience and equipment to help them move the instrument safely. Mid-Cities Movers offers our service as experienced movers for all your piano moving needs.

How You Can Get Ready for Piano Moving Day

While you’re going to want to let the professionals do all the heavy lifting, there are a few things you can do to help the piano moving process go a bit smoother. Here are three tips that are guaranteed to make your next move go off without a hitch.

Take Measurements
When the movers come it will be very helpful for them to know how big the piano is and the measurements of the doors in your home. This allows them to plan a route out of the home that makes sense.

Clear a Path
Once the route has been established, make sure that there are no boxes or other items cluttering up the floor. Also move stacks of boxes away from the path to make sure the piano has plenty of room on either side. This will prevent the piano from banging against anything unnecessarily.

Clear Away Loose Pieces
Be sure to empty the piano bench before the movers arrive. Also it is a good idea to lock the lid to the piano and keyboard covers if possible. You may also want to remove the lyre and music stand and pack them carefully in a box.

Once you’ve prepared your piano for moving let us to the rest. Call us today at (817) 267-9901 to schedule your upcoming piano moving. We will make sure your instrument gets there in good condition.

Preparing Your Kids For A Move

Moving With Kids

We Hope Your Next Move Goes Great For The Whole Family!

Moving can be a very stressful experience for everyone involved, from the family goldfish, to yourself, and of course, your children. While all children are different, particularly in different age groups, it is important to remember that communication is key! Today we will brush over a few tips for moving with children, as described by


For children this young, professionals state that consistency is one of the most comforting things to remember. When you move to the new home, try not to include any other big changes right away, such as new furniture, or potty training. It is sometimes recommended that the new room be set up as similarly to the old room as possible, too!

Middle School Aged

For kids around this age, it can be stressful to face the idea of losing current friends, or starting to make new ones. Keeping an open line of communication and support is key. If possible, try exploring the new area prior to the move, to help your child find new things in the area that will help them socialize and feel at home.


Unsurprisingly, teens reaching adulthood are most likely to resist a move. If the move is out of your control, let your teen know, and discuss what your teen expects out of the coming move, and ways you can make the transition easier. In many cases, allowing your teen to be part of the decision in any small way can help.

Call Us Today!

While we can’t help your family adjust to the idea of moving, we can do the heavy lifting! Call us today at (817) 267-9901 if you need assistance with your next move. We fully wrap and shrink wrap all items, as well as assemble and disassemble each piece of furniture. When you need to move, call the moving experts at Mid-Cities Movers!

Pre-Moving Day Shopping List

shopping list

Don’t Forget These Moving Necessities!

Generally speaking, moving day can be a real hassle. In order to make your next move as stress free as possible, we’ve provided you with a basic list of moving necessities for you to check out, along with some helpful tips and tricks. If you are interested in hiring professional movers, give us a call today at (817) 267-9901. We are fast, experienced, and here to serve you!

Shopping List


Different sized boxes are good for different items. Reserve large boxes for lightweight items such as clothes and bedding, and keep heavy items such as books in smaller boxes.

  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • extra large
  • heavy duty



From kitchen plates to family heirlooms, there is a surprising amount of very fragile items in the average American home. Be sure to have several options such as bubble wrap and newspaper available to wrap these items before packing them.

  • bubble wrap
  • newspaper
  • tape



For the rest of your moving supplies, some are optional, but can make your life easier, such as hand trucks. Don’t hurt your back by lifting heavy items! Get a hand truck, or give our movers a call. Box tape is an essential that often gets forgotten. Make sure you have some, and plenty of it! Markers will allow you to label your boxes, and be sure to label the sides as well as the top, so that you can read the labels even if the boxes are stacked.

  • markers
  • box tape
  • more box tape
  • box cutter
  • felt
  • hand truck