Pre-Moving Day Shopping List

shopping list

Don’t Forget These Moving Necessities!

Generally speaking, moving day can be a real hassle. In order to make your next move as stress free as possible, we’ve provided you with a basic list of moving necessities for you to check out, along with some helpful tips and tricks. If you are interested in hiring professional movers, give us a call today at (817) 267-9901. We are fast, experienced, and here to serve you!

Shopping List


Different sized boxes are good for different items. Reserve large boxes for lightweight items such as clothes and bedding, and keep heavy items such as books in smaller boxes.

  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • extra large
  • heavy duty



From kitchen plates to family heirlooms, there is a surprising amount of very fragile items in the average American home. Be sure to have several options such as bubble wrap and newspaper available to wrap these items before packing them.

  • bubble wrap
  • newspaper
  • tape



For the rest of your moving supplies, some are optional, but can make your life easier, such as hand trucks. Don’t hurt your back by lifting heavy items! Get a hand truck, or give our movers a call. Box tape is an essential that often gets forgotten. Make sure you have some, and plenty of it! Markers will allow you to label your boxes, and be sure to label the sides as well as the top, so that you can read the labels even if the boxes are stacked.

  • markers
  • box tape
  • more box tape
  • box cutter
  • felt
  • hand truck


Tips For Moving Large Appliances


Do You Know How To Move Your Appliances?

When you’re moving from one place to the next, it can be very stressful, particularly when moving large items. At Mid-Cities movers, our job is to make moving as un-stressful for  you as possible! Below, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks for preparing and moving those large appliances.

What Does The Manual Say?

Basically everything we can ever buy comes with a manual. Do your best to locate the manuals for your appliances, because they may have some specific instructions for transporting your particular appliance. If you can’t find it, try online!

Unplug & Disconnect

For refrigerators and washers, it is generally a good idea to turn off the water supply before you disconnect. Next, unplug the appliance, and then unplug any water connections.  For your stove, you should take care to make sure the gas is turned off before you disconnect. It may be smart to contact the gas company on this one. For washers and dryers, they should all be transported without the cables and hoses attached, so be wary of that.



Especially for any appliance that uses water, be sure to clean thoroughly to prevent mold or mildew from growing and causing unpleasant odors.


Tie, Tape, Secure

Before moving, you will want to make sure that all of your appliance doors are secured shut, and that any cords that can be removed are secured to the appliance with tape. Additionally, remember to tape down the knobs on your stove so they don’t fall off.



For help moving, or additional tips and tricks, give our experts a call at (817) 267-9901 today!

Qualities of a Great Moving Service

DFW Moving ServiceMoving can be an overwhelming task for DFW homeowners. The stress of leaving your current location, combined with the tension that goes with packing, makes moving an anxiety ridden assignment. Mid Cities Movers can eliminate most of the worry with the most trusted moving service in DFW. Unlike other affordable moving companies, Mid Cities Movers treats your belongings with the most professional care and commitment. Call (817) 267-9901 for the best residential mover in Dallas / Fort Worth. Below are some qualities of an elite moving service:


Moving companies are liable for transported goods. Still, the specifics of the liability can vary between movers. The most expensive insurance provides homeowners with full protection of their goods. In cases like this, any broken or damaged item must be repaired to its full value, replaced with equal value, or payed for. The more affordable, and often included insurance, offers more limited protections. These cases account for a percentage of the damaged items, but not the full value.


Out of all the affordable moving companies, Mid Cities Movers prides itself in quality. Any reputable moving service should handle items with care. Affordability should not come at the expense of quality and professionalism. Make sure movers conduct themselves professionally during walk-through and inventory checks.


With online reviews, a moving company testimonial should be easy to find. If you notice a plethora of negative reviews and complaints, don’t jump to conclusions. Sometimes only unhappy customers will bother to leave a review. Check with friends and acquaintances to make sure customer opinions are consistent throughout. Visit websites like Google My Business before hiring a moving company. Call (817) 267-9901 for a professional residential mover in DFW.

How To Safely Move To A New Home With Your Pets

Moving is a stressful experience for people, so you know it is an extremely stressful experience for our pets! From fear to mild discomfort, you can be sure that your pet will be confused at best. There are a few simple ways you can make the process easier  for your pet, and we’re  here to help!

Get With Your Vet

A few things you should look into a week before you move can be done with the help of your vet. First, make sure all of your animal friends are up to date on their shots, and that you have a copy of their vaccination records. Next, ask your vet for a recommendation about vets in your new area. Additionally, get new tags for your pets with your new address from your vet if you can. that way, if anyone panics and manages to make a run at the gas station, anyone who finds them can see they have their vaccinations, and they can contact you easily. If you have an anxious pet, ask your vet if he or she thinks sedatives would be a good idea.

Get Properly-Sized Crates

To avoid any getaways when you stop, and to protect your pets in the case of an accident or hard stop, they should be safe in a kennel. In order to keep them comfortable, make sure it is the right size. Consider bringing a blanket to cover the kennel if your pet is easily over-stimulated.

Prepare For Smaller Pets

Smaller animals, such as rodents and fish, are sometimes difficult to move, as great periods of stress or fear can have permanent negative affects. To minimize stress for your fish, place them in a plastic bag with water from their tank. For rodents like rats and gerbils, transfer them to a smaller, safer enclosure for transport, where they are safe from extreme temperatures.



If you need help moving, give our professionals a call at (817) 267-9901!


Tips on Packing Up Your Books

Shelves of Books

Keep Your Book Collection Safe with Careful Packing and Moving

While packing up your collection of books may seem like the easiest task on the packing list, it actually should take some care and consideration to ensure that your books get to your new home safely intact. Here are some tips on packing your books without risking damage to them:

There are a few methods you can use to pack up your books in boxes. The first is to pack them all standing upright with the spines facing the middle of the box. Another safe route is to pack them all lying flat on top of one another. You don’t want to pack them with the spines facing upwards towards the top of the box. If a heavy box is placed on top of your box of books, it ruin the spines.

Be mindful of how many books you are packing into each box. A single hardback book may not feel heavy, but try lifting a stack of eight or more all together. Books are one of the easiest items to pack too heavy without realizing it. Make sure to test out lifting each box while packing it to make sure they are light enough to carry without dropping them.

If you have a lot of heavy books that need to be packed, consider using a suitcase with wheels if you have one. This is a great way to carry a load of books without worrying so much about the weight or whether they may become damaged in cardboard boxes. Simply fill up your suitcase and roll it onto the truck.

If you need professional moving services in the Fort Worth or Dallas, TX area, contact Mid-Cities Movers today at (817) 267-9901!

Lift With Your Legs, Not Your Back!

As someone who has likely lifted things in your lifetime, you have also likely head at least once the age old advice to lift with your legs instead of your back. While generally considered true, it is important to take this catchy phrase a little further to truly lift safely. Despite the widespread information about proper lifting techniques, many people still unnecessarily injure themselves with improper lifting techniques, from bodybuilding enthusiasts, to dads attempting to move a refrigerator on their own! Today, we took some time to set aside some helpful advice to avoid causing unhealthy strain on your back and spine, and to educate our readers on some effective and safe ways to lift heavy objects.

Your Back, And How Lifting Can Injure It

Moving in euless, TX

Don’t cause yourself uneccesary injury! Muscles aren’t enough; be sure to use proper lifting techniques when moving heavy objects!

As humans, we have a specific muscle group spanning from the pelvis to the neck known as erector spinae, that allows us to stand upright.These muscles are responsible for lifting our torsos, and surprisingly heavy heads! If these muscles are so strong, surely they are capable of lifting heavy objects? Unfortunately, back injuries from lifting are not caused by insufficient strength, but rather by incorrect form. In fact, lifting with your legs still activates your erector spinae and additional muscles that pull the opposite direction. This action can cause you a great deal of pain!

Professionals advise that proper lifting can be achieved best with the following method:

  • Bend your knees.
  • Flex your glutes and erector spinae muscles.
  • Then lift slowly and deliberately.

Be sure to avoid jerking motions, or twisting at the hips when lifting, as both of those movements are great ways to lose your balance and/or pull a muscle! The absolute safest way to move things from one place to another is to hire professional movers! If you need professional moving services in Euless, TX, call our team at 817-267-9901.


How To Pack A Fragile Item

Fragile items can be a hassle when you are moving. They can be difficult to pack and can even cause trouble for your unpacking process. Part of the reason for this is because of their unique shapes and the fact they are easily breakable. How can you pack these items and keep them from breaking when jostled?

Proper Fragile Item Packing


When packing lamps for shipment, start by separating the shade from the base. Box the shade up, lining it with paper and securing it with crumpled paper. For the base, line the box with bubble wrap and then place the lamp base in the box. Secure it with more bubble wrap if needed.


Photo of fragile item

A fragile item needs to be packaged and handled with care.

Plates and glasses can be quite easy to break if not packed properly. For these items, you will need small or medium sized boxes. Line the bottoms of the boxes with packing paper (more in the glass box than the plate box). For your plates, wrap them individually in bubble wrap and then line them in the box vertically. For your glasses box, stuff each individual glass with packing paper to the brim. Then wrap the entire glass in packing paper. Order your box with the heaviest glasses on the bottom and the lightest on top.

Family Photos

Framed family photos are boxed in a similar way to dinnerware plates. Using packing paper, stack your photos vertically. Between each, on the glass, add addition packing paper. Once all in the box, stuff it securely with paper to ensure jostling does not occur.

Uniquely Shaped Items

Everyone has that one oddly shaped piece, like a vase or a ceramic tub. But how do you box it? First, wrap the piece in bubble wrap and tape it up from there. Do as many layers as you need, ensuring it is secure. Next, wrap it in cardboard. Take a flexible, bendable cardboard piece and wrap it around your fragile item. Do this until the item is covered.

As always, make sure you put fragile on these boxes and indicate as such to your movers. Getting ready for a big move? Mid-Cities Movers is always available to help you. Give us a call today at (817) 267-9901!

What to Unpack First in Your New Home

When you move into a new space, you can easily feel overwhelmed. From the amount of stuff you didn’t know you had to climbing those stairs for what feels like the hundredth time, it’s hard to stay on top of things. However, the lists and organization doesn’t end as soon as your boxes are delivered to your new space. Follow these tips to stay sane and learn what to unpack first in your new home.

Large Appliances and Furniture

what to unpack first in your new homeIf you brought your own large appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer, get these items hooked up as soon as possible. It may take several hours or even overnight for the fridge to get properly cold. You should also assemble and arrange beds before anything else so you have a place to sleep. If you have time, setting up large bookcases and other furniture can help unpacking go easier.

Bed and Bathroom

Next up on what to unpack first are the essentials: bedding, bathroom, and your overnight bag. Unpack your clean sheets and pillows so you can get a good night’s sleep after the long day. Do the same for kids if you have them, and unpack a few toys or games for them (or your pet). You also want to set up the basics in the bathroom, such as a shower curtain, soap, toilet paper, a towel, and other toiletries. To help make this go smoother, pack an overnight moving bag so you have everything you need on the first night!

The Kitchen

No one wants to live on delivered pizza and Chinese take out for the first week in their new apartment! Unpacking the kitchen next can make the rest of the home seem like less of a chore. Plus, you’ll be able to make yourself quick, healthy food and save money on that pizza.

Ready for a move? Call Mid-Cities Movers at (817) 267-9901 today for an excellent moving service in DFW.

4 Things Not Pack Up When You Move To A New Home

Moving is already stressful without accidentally packing things you need when you first move in. When you accidentally pack essential things that you need, it can be a nightmare finding the right box. Here are four things not to pack up that will make your move easier on you.

4 Things Not Pack Up When You Move To A New Home

Perishable Foods and Household Plants

You’ll want your food for when you first move into your new home. Although it can be safely stored away in boxes, it’s better to not pack them up so you’ll have food. Plants can be difficult for movers to deal with, so store them in your car and take them out when you get to your house.

Important Documents

Do not pack up personal and important paperwork. If it’s lost in the move or you need it right away, it will be hard to find the box that has these documents. Store them in a folder that you can keep on you.

Cleaning Supplies and Flammable Materials

Cleaning supplies should be on hand when you move into your new home. You might need to clean counters or sinks, so you’ll need your supplies. Also, moving a box full of lighters, matches, lighting fluid, etc. is not a good idea. Anything that seems dangerous or hazardous should not be boxed up and put in the moving truck.

Your Medicine Cabinet

Do not pack up your medicines. You might need them and it would not be good to be without them.

Call Mid-Cities Movers today at (817) 267-9901 for quality moving services in the DFW area.


Tips For Moving During The Winter

winter drivingTraveling with all of your belongings and moving them off the truck is quite a task as it is. Adding unpredictable winter weather definitely don’t make it easier. If you are looking to move during the cold winter months, here are some tips to make the transition into your new place as easy as possible.

Don’t Leave the Heater Running

With all the traffic in and out of your home throughout the day, leaving your heater on really won’t have any benefit. Since the doors are going to be open all that heat is going to escape meaning the house will remain cold anyways and your first utility bill will be monstrous.

Make Sure Your Driveway and Sidewalks are Clear

A slick of ice on the way into the house is a recipe for disaster when you are trying to haul furniture and boxes of fragile dishes out of the truck and into your home. Don’t risk broken possessions and have a bag of rock salt handy to cover any ice blocking the path into the house.

Have a Stack of Sheets and Blankets on Hand

If it start to snow, sleet, or rain in the middle of the moving process, you’ll want to have some sheets ready to cover up and protect your furniture as it’s being moved into the house. Having plastic sheeting to walk on is good to have to protect your new flooring if you are dealing with wet weather on moving day.

If you are looking to move in the near future, contact Mid-Cities Movers for moving services in the DFW area. We’ll make the move as painless as possible. Contact us today at (817) 267-9901 for any questions or to schedule your moving day.